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3 Modern Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is the one place you’re meant to feel most at home. From the bed to the nightstand, every inch of it needs to feel like it’s yours. Thus it’s not surprising that we often have people ask us the same question - “What is the best way to design a bedroom?”

Luckily designing one to your liking isn’t difficult at all. The one drawback is that sometimes there can be so many choices that you don’t know where to start. With this in mind, we’ve talked to our interior designers and are happy to bring you a few ideas that could help with creating the modern bedroom that’s right for you.

1. Use Shades of Blue for your Colour Scheme

A bed with bedding and linen in various of shades of blue.

Being the colour of the sea, blue is often used to represent depth and stability. It’s a calm colour that can put even the busiest mind at ease. This ease makes it the perfect look for a modern bedroom.

Start with the bedding and linen. Blue is such a flexible colour that there are countless shades and patterns of it for you to consider. From the bright pop of a cadet blue to the regal darkness of navy blue, the exact colour you choose will set the mood in your bedroom. Once you select a shade, create the perfect aesthetic by exploring a wide selection of prints and patterns.

Finally, it’s time to select your material. Comfort is always king when a bed is involved so this is where you need consider the material and thickness of your comforter, the softness of your duvet and the thread count of your sheets.

2. Find a Dresser That’s Functional and Stylish

A modern bedroom with a large bed and a brown, wooden dresser.

Once you’ve set the ambience, it’s time for the functional side of your bedroom. When looking at bedroom furniture, a dresser is easy to overlook. Trust us, this is not a mistake you want to make. The right dresser can be cornerstone of your bedroom set, serving as the anchor that takes keeps all your stylish flourishes grounded.

The main thing to keep in mind when selecting a dresser is that it should match the general design of the bedroom. If you ‘ve gone for the shades of blue look, a dresser with a modern, high gloss finish could be a good match. On the other hand, a rustic, classic looking dresser will go well with browns and earth tones.

Lastly, think about size. As important as the look is, a dresser needs to be usable and fit for your needs. Think about what you’ll be storing in it and how much space your bedroom has. The options are plentiful, from a big a chest of drawers featuring a mirror, to small and sleek 3-drawer wonders.

3. Consider Ambient, Focused and Fixed Lighting

Various lamps and types of lighting for your bedroom.

The final touch to your bedroom is illumination. Unless you’re a bat, lighting is a must-have in every room in your home. For your bedroom, there are three directions you need to go in.

A)   Ambient lighting. This is a general kind of lighting, similar to sunlight, that keeps your room bright and fresh. Ceiling lights are usually a safe bet as they spread the light around the room allowing you to focus on whatever you want to. Here, you can choose the one that suits your bedroom best, ranging from a stunning chandelier to trendy pendant lighting.

B)   Focused lighting. Once the ambient lighting is taken care of, it’s time to think smaller. When you’re trying to read, study or write, you need a more sustained source of light. You need something that can focus on exactly what you need it to. We recommend a table lamp, either with a classic design or one that features modern stylings.

C)   Fixed lighting. Great art or wall décor can often be the highlight of a room. Allow yours to stand out by finding a light fixture that will spotlight it. For this, we recommend a floor lamp with an adjustable head or wall lights.

These are 3 of the many, many ways you can take your bedroom and make it your own. If you really want to have fun though, we recommend having some fun and experimenting yourself.