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6 simple tips for lighting a living room

Lighting plays a major role in the interior design of a room. It’s not only a décor element, but it can also affect how your furniture appears because good lighting can make it look more luxurious and help bring out the colours. You’d also be surprised to find out how lighting can affect your mood and that of the people around you. It can either make you more energetic or more calm, and the intensity of that is a variable too, so choose wisely before you light up your space.

Two table lamps in a living room

1. Use multiple layers of light

Architects use this method to divide the light into multiple layers and each layer has its light type and distribution method.

These layers are divided into 3 types:

Ambient lighting: This layer mimics natural sunlight. It’s neither concentrated nor strong; it distributes and diffuses the light throughout the room. To get this effect, you can opt for chandeliers with fluorescent bulbs to evenly scatter the light around.

Task lighting: This method is used to concentrate on a specific thing but it shouldn’t be too strong. This layer helps illuminate an area or an angle for reading or studying purposes. For this matter, go for a table lamp and place it in the spot that you will be doing the reading.

Accent lighting: This layer is generally used to draw attention to a particular decorative or artistic piece and to highlight its beauty. You can use LED lights, spotlights or you can even choose to use a floor lamp under the piece of art that’s hung on the wall.

Different type of lamps with different designs

2. Place a table lamp

Some people think that table lamps are meant to be used only in the bedroom, and that idea isn’t entirely correct. Table lamps can look great in the living room! They serve as a fashionable decorative piece, add gradients of colour and value to your furniture (thanks to multi-colour covers). Choosing a lamp also depends on the room’s design. For instance, the shape of the lamp used in a classical room may differ from the one used in a modern one. Browse a large variety of table lamps here.

Table lamp used for accent lighting

3. Floor lamps are essential

Use this type of lighting as a secondary option in a living room or as an additional source of light, or use it to set the light on more structured pieces like your library or wall panels. These lights come in variable designs, colours and sizes. Due to their mobility, they work as an effective element in a room’s interior design and its decoration. You can use the Rosanna Floor Lamp for a classical touch or use a Triton Floor Lamp for a modern appeal. If you want more options, you can choose what suits your room’s design from here. These lamps also work if you wanted some dim lighting or a sense of relaxation, and they’re usually placed in corners, near electrical plugs.

Floor lamp next to an armchair

4. Mix bases, match shades

Mix between the bases of the lamps and keep the covers coordinated. You can use it as a modern, innovative and even dazzling decorative piece by one smart move. Get a Rosana Table Lamp for example and place it on a side table near the sofa, and on the other side, use an Albaldah Floor Lamp. Note: The two lamp bases must be different. Now use the same colour for both lamp shades and watch the magic happen! Through this method, you will get harmonious lighting that is good enough but not too strong or too loud.

Mixing different lamp designs

5. Choose the right bulb

As you know, there is no light without a bulb, but also there is no correct lighting without the correct bulb. Getting LED lights is basically essential now-a-days despite their slightly steep price. They save a lot of energy and last a lot longer than regular bulbs. You can also choose a fluorescent light that gives you pleasant surrounding lighting. Note: Make sure that the bulb size is suitable for the lamp and the lamp cover that you’ve chosen.

LED bulb to save power

6. Ceiling lighting

Chandeliers add a touch of luxury and are usually used in classic interiors, but you can also find modern chandeliers that fit your room’s style. For a classic look, you can get a crystal chandelier like the Eternity Crystal Chandelier or go for Sophia Embellished Chandelier for a more modern look.

On the other hand, pendant lamps sometimes can be used instead of chandeliers if you were looking for simplicity in design. To get some ideas, you can check out the distinctive designs that Home Center boasts, with various options that suit your needs.


Elegant chandelier for more luxurious look