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Classic home decor and style

We’re always looking for a contemporary yet classic look for our home. Whether accessories, furniture or home décor, the beauty and glory of the past is forever timeless. We try to recreate them in our lives, either by collecting memorabilia, or by bringing the aesthetics of that time into the modern setting that we are a part of.

One way to recreate the magic of the past is by refreshing our home, the place we love to come back to at the end of each day to relax and spend quality time with family and friends.

Mughal bedroom sleeping set

Design styles from the past are marked by their opulence. Traditionally, they feature dark wood, gleaming metal, rich color palettes, delicate arches and curves, ornate details, and rich fabrics such as silks, brocades and velvets. These themes, embellished with details like mirror work and embroidery, are seen widely in our latest collections - Arabian Jewel & Mughal Empire.

Embrace the Arabian Jewel Collection

Arabian Jewel bathroom set

For the generation that grew up listening to and dreaming of Arabian Nights and wish to relive that dream, we present out our Arabian Jewel collection – a coordinated range of furniture and home accessories across your living, dining and bedroom to satisfy this desire. Inspired by the velvet, starlit sky over the desert and symphony of deep ruby red and shimmering golds, with gently beveled edges, subtle curves and decorative motifs on mirrored surfaces, this collection will have your home stealing hearts.

The beaded, embroidered velvet and jacquard furnishings set in gleaming metal, is sure to have your guests marveling. Complete the look with matching accessories and stunning accent pieces that can vary from ruby red Katoor gift items and lanterns to filigree table lamps and antiquated bathroom accessories set with burnished gold detailing. For those who believe that fine dining begins at home, there are beautiful, themed serveware and tableware options to choose from.

Discover the Mughal Collection

Mughal Living Room Sofa Set

The magnificence of Mughal architecture has no parallel. And so for those who yearn to relive the heritage of this magnificent era, our Mughal Empire collection is just the right pick for you. Embodying beauty and sophistication, this collection with coordinated furniture and home accessories draws its inspiration from the opulence of the era’s architecture, seamlessly blending the fine curves and floral motifs inlaid with bold, solid colors.

This range of dark wood furniture sports delicate carvings and decorative arches highlighted with gold details. A rich medley of brightly colored prints and florals nestle in elegantly curved frames, and with accessories and stunning accent pieces to match, the collection will bring the grandeur of the era to your home.

Home Centre value and quality

We are committed to ensuring excellent value for money along with quality. You can avail up to 5 years of warranty and opt for Interest Free (0% interest) Easy Payment Plans on our latest collections now available in-store, online or on mobile.

So begin 2019 by recreating the glory and opulence of the past inside your homes. After all, the New Year is as much about appreciating the good things from the past as much as they are about looking ahead!