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6 ways to perfectly decorate a living room

Your living room is the face you present to the world. It’s also where many of your finest memories will be created along with your family and friends. Decorating it is as much about expressing your personality as it is about picking that fancy sofa set, coffee table or curtains. So how do you go about creating a space where you’ll love to hang out with your family as well as leave a lasting impression on beholders?

1. First, define your décor style

This is important for creating a living room that is meaningful to you. Ask yourself if you prefer tones of the same colour, or strong contrasts. Are you attracted by a bold and colourful bohemian vibe or an ornate, classical style? Do you like a minimalist, Scandi or a contemporary aesthetic? Finally, check if you prefer flowing open plans or a pre-defined closed structure. Once you settle on a colour story and a décor style, your task will be easier.

Comfy dark beige corner sofa with cushions.

2. Pick a sofa set built for conversation

As the most visible part of your living room, the sofa set is the easiest place to start. Take the size of the room into account before you pick yours. Bigger living rooms may accommodate both a three and a two-seater sofa, along with individual chairs, but a smaller room may work better with less. Corner sofas are also a great way to optimize space as they make use of the angles of the room.

Arrange your sofa set so that everyone is seated close enough to chat comfortably and reach for snacks, all without feeling crowded in.

Your sofa can either be in the dominant colour of your theme, a contrasting shade or in a neutral colour that works with the combos you have in mind.

A statement armchair , ottoman or recliner that is in a contrasting hue or style will add interest to your room. Just ensure that the heights and sizes of your different pieces of furniture are in proportion.

Living room with dark brown chesterfield sofas and round coffee table

3. Dress your windows with curtains

While shopping for curtains, consider the size of your living room. Prints and darker hues work best in larger rooms, while lighter colours are perfect for smaller rooms. If you get a lot of sunlight in your living room (lucky you!) you might want to consider a layer of sheer curtains under your regular curtains.

Turquoise blue floor length window curtains matched with minimalist beige sofa

Your curtains should of course go with your overall colour story, but you could also consider picking neutral shades. This will allow you to change your other décor objects like cushions and accents more frequently. If you’re easily bored like us, this is a bonus.

4. Pull your living room together with a coffee table

A coffee table is probably the single biggest way to add personality to your living room. The coffee table is the focal point of your décor, and of course, it should flow into the style of your room. However, you can also successfully mix and match genres. A simple, minimalist sofa set can be glammed up with a slightly more ornate coffee table (we love this round coffee table with antique-style legs) while a sleek coffee table will play up the intricate lines of a luxurious, decorative sofa set.

While there are no hard and fast rules for coffee table sizes, anything under 40 cm height is likely to be too low. Don’t forget to add a statement centerpiece, it can be anything from a bowl of flowers to a driftwood arrangement or a stack of glossy books.

White coffee table with drawers, antique legs and gold detailing

5. Layer carpets and rugs

Rugs are a great way to introduce texture and contrast into a room.

Medium sized dark blue living room carpet placed under a coffee table

There are two ways in which rugs are generally placed in a living room. You can either opt to buy a large rug and place all your furniture, including your sofas, side tables and coffee table fully on it, or buy a smaller central rug on which you place only your coffee table. If you’re going with the second option, make sure the rug is not too small or it will appear to “float”. Ideally, your sofa’s front legs should be either on it or directly behind it.

However, if you have your heart set on a particular small rug, you can layer it over a larger, more neutral rug. The possibilities are endless!

6. Make it yours with the right décor accents

Now that you’ve got all the big stuff sorted, focus on the smaller details that will really bring your taste and personality to the forefront. Make your living room feel more intimate by displaying pictures. Create a trendy collage with the Roxie photo frame set or add some pizzazz to your walls with statement mirrors and decorative shelves!

Group together figurines, vases, bowls and candles on shelves or side tables. Go for contrasting sizes, textures and tones to add more depth. Juxtapose oversized pieces next to smaller ones or contrasting shapes next to each other. It will take a few tries to get your arrangements perfect but keep experimenting till you’re satisfied.

Three works of calligraphic and abstract art grouped together along with decorative wall plates and clocks

Building a truly personalised space that speaks to you and of you does not happen in an instant, so be patient and collect objects you love over time.