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How do you choose outdoor furniture?

Now that the sun has relented, the mercury dipped, and all is well with the world, it is time to head outdoors - even if it is only as far as your balcony. In fact, your balcony garden can be as cozy as any other place you can think of, a place where family and friends share stories, laughter and good times.

Of course, before you actually plan anything, you will need to take into account the area you have at your disposal. This does not mean that if you don’t have a backyard, you cannot have an outdoor life. Even your smallish balcony can be large enough for you and your loved ones to have a candlelight dinner on a winter evening.

Outdoor living with a sofa and table set

If you are fortunate enough to have a large backyard or a lavish rooftop garden, then the world is your oyster! You can arrange sofas, coffee or dining tables and deck swings strategically so as to make the best use of the space and the greenery. Our Tahiti collection, for instance, has all these and more, and all you need to do is choose from the colours, shapes and sizes.

If it’s your balcony that you want to convert into a party space, there are some snug options you can go for, including our Tahiti Balcony Set. For those of you who cannot stand clutter, modular furniture, like our Melanie range, would be ideal. Storage compartments concealed in chairs and coffee tables ensure that all those bits and pieces are tucked away out of sight, to be taken out only when necessary. This way, you have some good, usable, uncluttered entertainment space at your disposal.

Whether you're enjoying a weeknight meal or hosting a celebratory dinner on the patio, your table linens and dinner set will help define the mood for the gathering. Mix and match dishes, glassware, textile and decor for a tablescape that's one-of-a-kind. Dining al fresco takes on a new meaning if you have light, foldable furniture, a colourful range of unbreakable dinnerware and some picnic baskets. Which is exactly what our Lazy Saturday Dining collection consists of. Bring serving trays, bowls and juice dispensers outdoors, or set up a buffet line on the table and invite guests to serve themselves.

Lazy Saturday dining set

Now that the essentials are taken care of, you can look at lighting and other accessories to set the vibe. If you are a ‘green’ advocate, check out our funky yet eco-friendly lighting options such as Solar Tiki Lights. Add accents like a waterfall fountain, throw in some pillows and cushions, maybe a blanket or two, and you are good to go.

So, what does it take to create that warm, wonderful space where memories are made and shared, right outside the four walls of your home? Imagination - and a visit to the nearest Home Centre store. Or checkout our collection online and have your outdoor options delivered to your doorstep.