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Design your dream wardrobe

Dreaming of a beautiful, uncluttered bedroom closet? Say goodbye to mess and stress and hello to Home Centre’s Infiniti Wardrobe, a unique, modular design offering a bespoke solution for all your storage needs. There’s no longer any need to put up with growing piles of clothing on your floor or bedroom furniture, or to keep on cramming your garments into a small, over-stuffed space - the tailor-made wardrobe design enables you to pick and choose the exact elements you need to fit your lifestyle, ensuring your clothes, accessories and personal belongings are organized to perfection.


What’s more, there’s also a wide range of finishes and door styles to beautifully complement your bedroom accessories and sense of style, ensuring that when you get dressed each morning, you start the day with a smile.



Consider size and space

A well-designed wardrobe should have ample room for all your belongings and more - if there’s not enough space you won’t be able to fit in any new purchases, and your clothes may end up creased or damaged. You also need to consider your available space, so the rest of your bedroom does not end up feeling cramped and unbalanced. Before you begin, measure your room carefully: from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, taking into account the depth of the wardrobe frame and the distance between the closet and any other bedroom furniture, windows and doors. You should ensure there’s still ample space to move around freely so your bedroom remains practical and doesn’t feel too crowded. 


Modular furniture options, such as Home Centre’s Infiniti Wardrobe, maximise your storage while fitting in perfectly with your room dimensions. Choose from a selection of Infiniti frame styles, in 210cm and 240cm sizes - mixing and matching a combination of frames to get the most out of your space. There’s also a convenient L-shaped frame - perfect for walk-in designs or utilising unused corner areas. 



Don’t forget the doors

Door styles play a major part in how a wardrobe fits in with your bedroom design, and also the way in which you use your closet. The Infiniti Wardrobe’s sliding and hinged doors both come in a selection of finishes, including mirrored styles, high gloss, subtle grey oak or wenge.


Sliding doors are a smart solution for smaller rooms or corridors where floor space is at a premium, but work well for lengthier wardrobes too. Their sleek, contemporary look makes a chic, minimal style statement and is great for hiding away excess clutter. Hinged swing doors work well with wardrobes designed in any shape, such as corner configurations. Unlike sliding doors, they offer full visibility of your entire wardrobe, plus you can utilise the backs of the doors for hooks and storage for your smaller items and accessories, such as scarves, belts or ties. 


Decide on your set up

In order to use your storage space efficiently, fitting out the interior of your wardrobe is just as important as choosing the exterior styles, sizes and finishes. The Infiniti Wardrobe range includes a selection of hanging rods, wardrobe dividers and shelves and hangers to offer tailor-made storage that suits all types of clothing and accessories, even if you’re sharing the space with another person.


Before you begin, it makes sense to do a quick inventory of your belongings to see what kind of storage space you’ll need. Divide your clothes into two piles: hanging clothes (such as coats, dresses, shirts and trousers) and folding garments (such as denim jeans, t-shirts and knitwear). Count your shoes and boots, and measure their height and heel size - this will determine how many shelves you may need. Decide if you want to use your wardrobe to store other items such as accessories, jewellery or undergarments, or to conceal larger items such as luggage or laundered bed linens and towels. 



A single rail near the top of the closet is ideal for dresses and coats, whereas two rails can be added for shorter hanging items such as shirts, doubling the storage space. Infiniti Wardrobe’s pull down hanger makes life extra simple when choosing and replacing hanging clothing. For shelves, fixed styles work very well with shoes, storage boxes or heavier items which you utilise less frequently, while pull-out shelves give you easy access to their contents and are great for keeping folded garments neat and tidy. 


All about those accessories

The right accessories can turn a well-planned wardrobe into your dream closet! High quality, practical lighting, such as the Infiniti LED light, offer all-important visibility day or night so clothes never get lost at the back. Pant hangers are a durable, easy-access solution for hanging folded trousers, while dividers enable you to organise all available space into separate areas for clothes or shoes. 


If you prefer minimalistic bedroom design, swap out bulky standalone chests of drawers for integrated drawer sets hidden behind your wardrobe doors. Infiniti Wardrobe’s selection includes 3D chests and glass chests, metallic baskets and a shallow rack drawer, perfect for storing and sorting underwear, socks or smaller accessories.