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Gift Ideas for the Festive Soul

Like many good things, gifting is an art. And like any art, it demands time, patience and sensitivity from the giver. For a gift to be worthwhile, it has to mean something to the recipient. Which means that while purchasing a gift for someone, you need to understand their likes and dislikes, and invest time and emotions into finding a gift that’s right for them.

What makes a gift perfect? That’s a tough question, to say the least - but we can always try to answer.

Holiday Garden Printed 24-Piece Dinner Set

For one, your gift has to be relevant; it should appeal in some way to the person at the receiving end. It could be utilitarian, something you know is useful to them - a coffee mug or a dinner set or a good looking cookie jar, for instance. Or it should appeal to their emotion, their aesthetics: a soft toy, a lovely centrepiece for their coffee table or a table lamp that is just right for their desk.  

It’s also important that what you buy is of good quality, and preferably, not something predictable. There’s nothing quite like that gasp of pleasant surprise when they open the wrap and see the gift inside. 

However, in today’s busy urban lifestyle, we hardly have the luxury of taking time to go from shop to shop looking for the right gift, especially during the festive season when we buy gifts for many people at once.

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Do you wish there was one place where you could get everything from a cute tea light holder for that candle-crazy friend from Facebook who’s visiting you for the first time, to a soft toy for your best friend’s son whose birthday you missed, to a set of good looking tableware for that lovely, long-term neighbour who has just bought their new home and is moving there on New Year’s Eve? Well, now there is.

Hop in to your nearest Home Centre store and check out our festive collection - you won’t have to go anywhere else for your season’s gifting. From six-feet-tall Christmas trees to home accessories such as tabletop, kitchen and bakeware to themed soft toys, fragrant candles, diffusers, and Christmas ornaments, you can find them all in our stores. We also have themed crockery and table linen, and stunning centrepieces specially designed for the season.

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In case there’s this one decor item you are looking for - something you saw while visiting a friend back home - do not despair! Share a picture of it, and our new snap-to-buy technology will find you similar options at Home Centre. After all, gifts are not just for others; you also deserve an occasional indulgence. 

The best part is, if you plan is to shop at the Home Centre store in Mall of the Emirates, you can now bring your children along. There’s a Santa’s grotto waiting for them until 24th December between 3pm and 9pm. It’s a chance for your child to tell the merry man in red what their wish list holds!

So what are you waiting for?