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4 Autumn-inspired updates for your home

As the seasons change from the long hot summer into gorgeous autumn days, what better time to refresh your interior design ideas inside and out with some seasonal style? All it takes is some quick and easy updates, from affordable accessories to an eye catching new colour palette. 


1. Set the seasonal tone with colour

Every six months, Pantone announces the top colour trends for fashion and interiors. This season’s fall palette is all about warmth and comfort. Soft neutral greys and rosy pinks contrast against bright dynamic reds, deep-toned ports and vibrant evergreens, while maple-inspired oranges, toasty beiges and rich yellow-greens evoke a sense of frosty forest walks, falling leaves and crackling fires. 


2. Create an atmosphere with accessories

It’s amazing what a difference the right choice of accessories can make to your home design. An affordable way to welcome in the new season, they can update your colour scheme and overall home decor without too much time, effort or commitment. Introduce this season’s boldest new hues with contrasting soft furnishings such as throws or cushions on your sofa set or bed - textiles are a fast and cost-effective way to update your decor, so look out for interesting textures such as velvets, chunky knits, plaids and faux-furs. Swap out lampshades with new colours and shapes, or experiment with colourful, seasonally-inspired decorative items, such as vases, picture frames and candles


Natural textures and tones and organic shapes are perfect when the weather is cooling down as they create depth and warmth. Try reclaimed wood or aged brass and copper to achieve the look. Exchange summer’s flowers for autumnal twigs in oversized vases or urns, dress the dining table with heavier fabrics and flickering candles in seasonal shades, and make darker evenings glow with cosy lighting from table or side lamps with low-wattage bulbs.


3. Welcome the scent of autumn

Well-chosen home fragrances can evoke a real sense of the season, even if it’s still 30 degrees outside. For autumn, pack away light, floral scents until next Spring. Instead, choose spicier, woody fragrances for a warmer, comforting ambiance. Cashmere, sandalwood, cinnamon amber are great options for autumn, while flickering candle flames create a romantic, cosy atmosphere that will set the mood for the cooler evenings ahead. 


4. Enjoy the great outdoors

As temperatures are falling, it’s time to get outside and make the most of the gorgeous weather. Well-chosen outdoor furniture can create a whole new living space in your garden or on your balcony, whether you’re relaxing in the sunshine or entertaining guests. If you have a larger patio area or balcony, consider investing in some comfortable outdoor furnishings such as a sofa set, swings or loungers. Smaller spaces are suited to more compact outdoor furniture, such as patio chairs and outdoor dining sets. Make the area more welcoming with outdoor accessories, including plant pots, sparkling decorative lights and outdoor cushions which will also double up as impromptu seating if you have extra guests). 


As the evenings get cooler, throws and blankets will provide the snuggle-factor. When you’re not using them, fold them over the arm rests, or organise your outdoors by piling them high in oversized baskets within arm’s reach.