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Accessorise your bathroom in pure style

Why not be inspired by your favourite spa retreat and create an indulgent haven of relaxation in your own home? With some clever storage solutions, gorgeous bathroom accessories and calming décor you can transform your bathroom into your very own private sanctuary.

Find your zen with simple bathroom storage
Clutter is guaranteed to ruin a relaxing ambiance, so be smart with your bathroom storage.  
If you don’t have spacious bathroom vanities or cabinets, opt for tiered corner shelving, or under-basin units to make the most of your unused space. Units with drawers can hide away a multitude of mess, from makeup collections to cleaning products. If you live with children, look out for lockable bathroom cabinets  to keep medicines organised and safely out of reach. 


Splash out on little luxuries
Soft, fluffy towels, oversized bath-sheets and comforting robes will help you relive the spa experience. Invest in the best you can afford in crisp, clean white or matching shades that complement your washroom design. Keep a stack of freshly washed towels in a wicker basket next to the bath or shower, and hide any dirty laundry out of sight in a hamper.


Splash out on little luxuries


Get fresh with easy updates
If you’re renting or don’t want to redesign your bathroom decor from scratch, you can still achieve great results with some multi-tasking bathroom accessories. Instead of replacing costly tile, choose a colorful or patterned shower curtain or bathmat. For small bathroom designs, well-placed, statement bathroom mirrors create an illusion of extra space. And if you're wanting to refresh your colour scheme to keep up with this season’s hottest trends, update your small and affordable accessories in tonal shades, such as soap dispensers, brush holders, tissue boxes and candles.


Get fresh with easy updates


Keep everything perfectly practical
The best bathroom decor should be practical as well as great looking. Make life that little bit easier with practical decorative touches and accessories that work for you. Keep bathroom lighting at a flattering ambient level by installing a dimmer switch. Lay a bath caddy across the tub to hold soaps, candles and reading materials while you soak. Fix discreet hooks on the back of the door for hanging towels and robes. Place a small stool or chair next to the bath - a useful seat if you need to keep an eye on children in the bath, it will also double as an extra storage table.


It’s all about the atmosphere
It’s those finishing touches which will really set the mood for your bathroom design. Natural scents, such as aromatherapy diffusers or candles, scented soaps and bath oils, will fill the air with a lovely fragrance and will help you unwind. Go for that tropical oasis vibe with fresh flowers or houseplants which not only reduce stress levels but also make it aesthetically beautiful. Begonias, boston ferns, orchids and dragon plants all thrive in hot and humid bathroom conditions.