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Fun and Functional Kids’ Rooms

Kids’ rooms should be just thoughtfully styled as the rest of your home. Follow Home Centre’s great ideas for putting together an inspiring kids room with functional furniture, stylish soft furnishings and playful accessories to set the scene for a fun and happy childhood that grows along with them.

Their first bed

The toddler years are usually when children transition from a crib to their very first bed. You may already have a crib which converts to a small bed, but if not, look out for specially designed toddler beds, such as Home Centre’s Little Darling Cot Bed or Andi’s Cot Bed. Ideally, children’s beds should be lower to the ground so they’re easy for little legs to climb into, with side safety rails to stop them falling out when they sleep. Place a thick rug next to the bed to avoid any bumps in the night if they do roll out. On kids’ beds, choose a semi-firm mattress which offers good support to their growing body - sprung mattresses rather than foam are ideal. If your toddler has allergies, look for a hypoallergenic version which won’t harbour dust mites. It’s also worth investing in a waterproof mattress protector to avoid staining from any nighttime accidents.


Room decor ideas

Deciding on the perfect bedroom interior design is hard enough for an adult, let alone a toddler who is asserting their independence for the first time! Create a space that will easily adapt with them as they grow and their tastes change, and try to get your little one involved in the room design process. Opt for neutral background colours, such as off-whites, soft greys or light pastels, then add pops of fun colour which can be easily removed or updated in a few years’ time - wall decor, wallpaper borders and colourful artwork or posters in bright frames are all affordable and simple to remove.


Space to play

When it comes to room design for a toddler, children of this age need plenty of floor space so they can safely explore, play and make believe. Put down a large, colourful rug with a non-slip back and invest in a low-level chair and table that they can comfortably play on. If you have the space, consider making a den area, such as a tent or teepee, which is perfect for playtime or quiet reading. Kids bedrooms should let their imaginations run free so help your little one unleash their creativity. Paint a wall or larger furniture with chalkboard paint, put up cork sheeting to show off artworks and install shelving or picture rails at your child’s height so they can display their treasures.


Keep it tidy

You can never have too much storage in kids’ rooms - and it is good to teach little ones about tidying up from an early age. When you are planning the room design, try to keep everything easily accessible at their own height - hanging hooks, storage boxes and shelves are much more likely to be used if they can reach them. Sturdy shelving systems which are big enough to fit box storage, such as Home Centre’s Charlie’s Unit, are a great option for keeping things tidy. Hampers, crates, baskets and lidded benches are also useful for storing everything from soft toys to spare bedding.