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Trouble sleeping? We’re here for you

Good sleep is vital to an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. Researchers suggest that adults who get 7 to 8 hours of good sleep each night are happier, healthier, more alert, and perform better.

Many of us experience trouble falling asleep, or end up waking too early in the morning, hence not getting an adequate amount of rest.

Prolonged sleep deprivation and insomnia increase the risk of many life-threatening conditions including heart disease, renal failure, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Lack of sleep also leads to weight gain, memory loss and emotional imbalance.

Blue patterned bedding prepared for sleeping

Studies suggest that developing sleep hygiene and creating a conducive sleeping environment goes a long way in ensuring better quality sleep. This is the reason we at Home Centre decided to invest in your sleep. Our ‘Time for Bed’ campaign aims to raise awareness on the need to create an ideal sleeping environment, while providing you with the product range to facilitate that.

Our sleeping posture has a direct impact on not just our sleep, but also on our health. And while we have absolutely no control on what our body does while sleeping, choosing the right bedroom and sleep related products can mitigate the effects of wrong posture.

We’ve partnered with expert Sunil Dulam, Sleep Technologist from London Sleep Centre, Dubai, to offer these suggestions to enjoying a healthy and peaceful sleep:


1. Pick your pillow well!

White duvet and pillow set

Our range of pillow options matches your range of sleeping patterns. Identify your sleeping position and pick a pillow that helps you get optimum sleep. We even have pillows that have anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties, if those are your issues.

A) Are you a back sleeper?

Well, while your sleeping position is great for your body posture and delays facial wrinkles, it does aggravate snoring, and cause lower back pain over time.

Pick a medium pillow that will fill the space between your head and the mattress, allowing your body to rest in a neutral position. Placing a large pillow under the back of your knees also support the natural curve of your lower back. 

B) You're a side sleeper? 

Then you are doing well by your vital organs, and you tend to snore less. However, it can cause strain on your neck and back and contribute to wrinkles.

Choose a firm pillow to keep your spine straight, but it should not be so thick that your neck is bent out of alignment.

C) Tend to sleep on your stomach? 

If so, you are causing stress to your head and spine.  Your sleep is restless and uncomfortable, and over time, your posture can lead to a variety of health issues.

Choosing a soft, low-fill pillow, preferably one that does not retain heat, is the kindest thing you can gift to yourself as a stomach sleeper. (You tend to breathe into your pillow, remember?) Our Comfort Cool Gel Pillow, for instance, is just the thing for you.


2. Mind your mattress!

If your mattress has stayed with you for over eight years, chuck it. And pick one of our hybrid mattresses with responsive memory foam and pocket springs that provides optimal support to your back, no matter what your sleeping posture tends to be. If you are prone to allergies, we have antibacterial bedding too.


3. Choose your bed sheets wisely!

Multicolored and patterned bedding.

Don’t just choose sheets for their looks. Instead, choose ones made of breathable fabric that doesn’t cause overheating. Our cotton-and-jersey blends, for instance, work well for all seasons and look great on your bed.

Now that you have gifted yourself the perfect sleeping accessories, ensure that your bedroom is dark enough, block out unwanted outside noise, and create some white noise that induces better sleep, the hum of an air purifier, for instance. Smells too have a say in your sleep, and lavender is known as a relaxant. So be generous with lavender scented candles, oils or sachets in your bedroom.

And have a good night’s sleep!