How to furnish your home with elegance

Royal Prestige bedroom collection

When it comes to doing up your home, elegance comes down to choice - the choice of colours, lines, textures and materials. Here are some options we've got for you!

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Classic home decor and style

The Mughal Collection for your living room

Recreate the magic of the past by refreshing your home with these exciting new collections.

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How do you choose outdoor furniture?

Outdoor living with a sofa and table set

Create a warm, wonderful space where memories are made and shared outside the four walls of your home by picking the right furniture.

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Gift Ideas for the Festive Soul

Multicolored Christmas Decorations for Home

How do you find the perfect gift? That’s a tough question, to say the least. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you find exactly what to give your loved ones this festive season.

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Trouble sleeping? We’re here for you

Arabic woman laying down in bed to sleep

Getting a good sleep makes you happier, healthier, more alert, and helps you perform better. Guarantee yourself a good night's sleep tonight with our 3 helpful tips. 

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6 simple tips for lighting a living room

Lighting plays a major role in the interior design of a room. It’s not only a décor element but also affects how your furniture appears.

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6 ways to perfectly decorate a living room

From picking the ideal sofa set to accent coffee tables, curtains and décor accessories, these tips will help you pull it all together.

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3 Modern Bedroom Ideas

A modern Arabic bedroom featuring a king size bed and two night stands.

Your bedroom is the one place you’re meant to feel most at home. From the bed to the nightstand, every inch of it needs to feel like it’s yours. Thus it’s not surprising that we often have people ask us the same question - “What is the best way to design a bedroom?”

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Ramadan 2018 - Collection Highlights

A tastefully decorated bedroom with a Ramadan colour scheme.

Home Centre is proud to reveal their exclusive in-house designed Suzani collection. This stunning furniture and household collection spans across living, bedroom and dining areas of the home to offer a completely coordinated Ramadan look this festive season.

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New Ramadan Collection

Elegant Arabic family sitting down for a Ramadan dinner.

In keeping with the spirit of togetherness during Ramadan, Home Centre launched their ‘Valuable Moments’-themed catalogue last month. With over 400 new lines, the 60-page catalogue highlights elegant and affordable furniture pieces, decorative accessories, festive lighting options and essential tableware and kitchenware.

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